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Peter Rosmanith  - percussion
Marwan Abado  - Oud
Georg Graf -  soprano
saxophone Franz Hautzinger  - quarterton trumpet
Mathias Jakisic  - e-violin
Ljubinca Jokic  - voice, bass
Pamelia Kurstin - Theremin
Otto Lechner - Accordion,
Joanna Lewis - Violin
Miki Liebermann - Guitar,
Kadero Rai - Voice
Klaus Trabitsch  - Irish Harp

Strikers are people who can be thrown. But you can also knock a decent, very modest, with your fingertips. And the range of their palpable activities reaches even further, to the stroke, stroking, even to the almost-not-more-touching, the straight-still-touching. (How fitting is that among the many guest instruments of this CD is also one that is actually played without any physical contact: The Theremin.) And everything serves the sound, and almost everything serves the rhythm. Peter Rosmanith - sound servant, rhythm secretary. The most gentle impulse on one of his instruments is a rhythm, a rhythm, a groove. In the groove, this rhythmic riverbed of music, the pieces are made of snow and sand. For Peter Rosmanith, they are symbols of his world - between the homely occident and the Orient, which has also become home to him. As the main vocalist, he has selected one of the most recent instruments of musical history this year: the slope, in this form not yet ten years old. The slope sounds like a very relaxed steeldrum. It also has similarities with the stringed instruments of clay, as used from Brazil to India. But the serenity of his tone is special. The slope can accompany, and even drive, fast-paced pieces full of heat and passion. However, the real fascination lies in its seemingly perfect balance. This makes it suitable for so many sound environments. It can make certain camel hooves in the sand as well as footprints in the snow. Snow and sand are both intangible materials: snow melts in the hand, sand trickles through the fingers. Music is also impalpable. Nice.
Albert Hosp

Pure magic. What Peter Rosmanith with his varied percussion, a slope and his musical friends conjures up on this silver disc is great, hypnotically beautiful, world-embracing music.

What is snowy sand? When you hear Peter Rosmanith's album, you can quickly understand what is meant. The opposites of alpine snow and oriental desert are not at all here. Sand and snow blow together here together to the miraculous snow-sand bustle. Rosmanith, the percussionist, equipped with the peculiar sound of the hillside and a host of other percussion instruments. "Schneesand" does not need a categorization, here they play together and all contribute to a wonderful album, jazzy, oriental, austrian folk, fascinating with their own musical origin.
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